Azure Stack From NTT Communications

Innovate your business through hybrid applications with Azure Stack

  • Adopt the cloud on your terms, choosing the hybrid cloud deployment that works best.
  • Use common processes and tools across Azure and Azure Stack.
  • Leverage the advantages of hybrid cloud while still maintaining governance and control.
  • Get up and running quickly by partnering with a service provider with deep hybrid cloud and data center experience.

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Coming Soon To A Data Center Near You!

NTT Communications brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises and private hosted data center environments with a range of Azure Stack solutions.

The Business Case

Every company in every industry around the world is being challenged to transform from an organization that uses digital technology, to a digital organization. Application modernization is at the heart of digital transformation, with the opportunity to help companies engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products.

Azure provides a rich platform for developers to build modern applications, and in fact most applications are moving to public cloud quickly. Some applications however face technological and regulatory obstacles; regulation, latency, data sensitivity, and customization needs are primary examples. Azure Stack provides a way to run the same applications in on-premises environments. With a consistent cloud platform, organizations can confidently make technology decisions based on business requirements, rather than business decisions based on technology complications.

Extend Azure To Your Own Data Center With Azure Stack

Bring the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environment with Azure Stack. This extension of Azure allows you to modernize your applications across hybrid cloud environments, balancing flexibility and control.

Plus, developers can build applications using a consistent set of Azure services and DevOps processes and tools, then collaborate with operations to deploy to the location that best meets your business, technical and regulatory requirements. Pre-built solutions from the Azure Marketplace, including open-source tools and technologies, allow developers to speed up new cloud application development.

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Run Azure Services On-premises And In Your Private Hosted Data Center

Adopt hybrid cloud computing on your terms, and meet your business and technical requirements with the right combination of cloud and on-premises deployment models for your needs. Consistent Azure IaaS services go far beyond traditional virtualization. Virtual Machine Scale Sets enable rapid deployments with true auto-scaling for modern workloads.

Consistent Azure PaaS services (*available in a later release) bring hybrid deployment choice and portability to cloud applications. Run fully managed PaaS and serverless computing on-premises or in your private hosted data center, and deploy and operate Azure IaaS and PaaS services using the same tools as Azure.

How Partnering With NTT Com Can Help You Succeed

In a bid to get a handle on the bigger picture, CIOs are turning to MSPs to outsource day-to-day management responsibilities and operations, so that the IT department can focus its energy on R&D, new products and better customer service – all of which can boost the bottom line and speed up innovation. Managed Services enable CIOs to tap into external expert resources to bolster or complement existing skill sets in the company, especially for complex IT implementations such as Azure Stack. At the same time it can improve the predictability of IT spend, making budget planning easier. CIOs need to be able to change their IT infrastructure fast enough to keep pace with technology and market evolutions. Hybrid infrastructure models and the right MSP can help you innovate, achieve your goals and gain a competitive advantage, while delivering on digital transformation.

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How NTT Com Stacks Up

What sets NTT Com apart is our holistic approach to complex Cloud migration projects. Managing Cloud platforms in order to maximize the business benefits described above requires expert knowledge and experience. Configuring, operating and maintaining mission critical applications on Cloud platforms – with the associated requirements for security and availability – is not a simple task. A typical customer project starts with a structured assessment;

Assessment of existing infrastructure and applications.

Design and implementation of most appropriate Cloud platform Private / Public / Hybrid.

Planning of migration approach to minimize risk and cost.

Use of industry leading tools to assist in discovery, migration and optimization

All backed with the reassurance that the infrastructure is managed in a robust and systematic way in accordance with the ITIL© V3 framework and methodology.


A Proven Methodology

We have developed an agile, yet robust, approach to designing, implementing and delivering managed Cloud services for our customers. Our methodology is focused entirely on delivering the business outcomes that our customers require. As such, it has the flexibility to support both service transition and service transformation.








“In its position as one of the early adopter partners the views from NTT Com indicate that Azure Stack should make life easier for managed services specialists.”

Maximize the business value of Microsoft Azure

NTT Com have been part of the Microsoft early adopter program for nearly nine months. We are currently the ONLY global service provider who can offer a choice of hardware platforms on which to run your Azure Stack proof of concept. Book a free conversation today with the leading experts in hybrid cloud migrations.

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